Share House Rates & Terms

Affordable Rental Rates & Student-Friendly Accommodation Terms

Because the Rooms on Reynolds student rental share house has large bedrooms, spectacular views, and an very  convenient and safe location so close to the Sandy Bay UTAS campus, students and their parents are delightfully surprised to discover the affordable rental rates and student-friendly rental terms that are offered. The owners, Franz and Sandra, have fashioned lease, contract, and share house terms that they believe will create a fair, friendly, supportive, and positive rental experience for all Rooms on Reynolds house mates. Read more about the rental rates, lease, contract, and terms below and if you want additional information, click here to contact Franz and Sandra directly >>

Length of Rental Lease

Because student living is sometimes unpredictable, long-term leases are not required, but they are rewarded. The rental rate is lower for those signing a one-year long-term rental contract agreement, and the rental rates will be guaranteed for the entire term of semester or one-year rental contract.

Short-term leases are available at a slightly higher rate on a week-by-week basis. Rental rates for short-term leases are subject to change with two weeks’ notice. Preference will be given to renters willing to sign a rental contract with a full semester or one-year lease term.

Application and Availability

All potential Rooms on Reynolds student share house renters must complete a rental application in order to be eligible to secure a space in this accommodation. All applications will be acknowledged and considered, and the owners will provide information about availability to each applicant.

affordable rental rates student friendly accommodation terms-lease-contract-home-share-terms-rooms-on-reynolds-student-housing study areaRental Rates

The current rental rates for student accommodation at Rooms on Reynolds are:

Year Lease Contract

1st February 2020 – 31st January 2021

  • $175 per person per week for single-use private bedrooms
  • $125 per person per week for shared bedrooms

Double Semester Lease Contract

1st February 2020 – 30th November 2020

  • $180 per person per week for single-use private bedrooms
  • $130 per person per week for shared bedrooms

Single Semester Lease Contract

First semester 1st February 2020 – 30th June 2020

Second semester 1st July 2020 – 30th November 2020

  • $185 per person per week for single-use private bedrooms
  • $135 per person per week for shared bedrooms

Short-term Week-by-Week Lease Contract (sometimes available in special circumstances)

  • $240 per week per person for single-use private rooms
  • $190 per person per week for shared bedrooms

After an agreement has been reached for a booking, to secure your booking we ask for a non refundable holding deposit of one week’s rent. This is then used as your first week’s rent after arrival.

Additional Fees and Charges

A bond equivalent to one month’s rent must be paid in full before move-in. This is deposited in a separate ANZ bank account specifically for holding bond monies. The full bond money will be returned at the end of the lease if the terms of the lease are honoured and the premises are deemed to be damage-free in a move-out inspection.

Most utilities and maintenance – water, rubbish removal, maintenance, Internet WiFi and gardening,– are included in the Rooms on Reynolds rental rates. The cost of electricity, which is a pay as you go system, is an additional charge, and will be shared equally between all house mates. Generally the cost can vary between $10.00 a week to $15.00 in winter per person. However, the cost could rise to $20.00 a week in the coldest days of mid-winter and it is essential that renters are aware and are prepared to pay this as it is difficult to live and study in a cold house.

House Rules

It is the owners’ intention that the Rooms on Reynolds home share experience be equally positive for all renters, no matter where they come from and no matter how long they stay. To that end, these are some general house share rules that will help create the best possible living environment for all residents:

Common Community Courtesies

  • All residents are expected to be friendly, respectful and courteous to their fellow housemates, including respecting privacy and  requests for noise control. Alcohol, if consumed,  must be used responsibly.


  • It is common courtesy and required behaviour for house mates to be responsible for their own possessions, including food and beverages, and to leave the possessions of other house mates alone.
  • All renters are expected to contribute to maintaining a clean and orderly environment in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and common living areas both inside and outside the house.  A weekly rotating roster for cleaning was instigated by last year’s residents was very effective and the owners would like to see it practised again.
  • Residents will be responsible for willingly contributing to the electricity kitty on the set days and also contributing a smaller less regular amount for toilet paper, garbage bags, dishcloths and dishwashing detergent etc.
  • Any additional cost incurred for cleaning services beyond the common area cleaning service provided by the owners will be assessed equally to all house mates.
  • Owners will be responsible for tending to all maintenance and repair issues, and renters agree to notify the owners promptly when a maintenance or repair issue arises.
  • In consideration to the health and well-being of current and future Rooms on Reynolds renters, no smoking is permitted inside the house by home share residents, or their guests – not even during all night study sessions.

Electricity Usage

  • Electricity, including ducted heat, lighting and hot water, should be used conservatively by all house mates on a shared basis.
  • Tasmania has a temperate climate and one shower a day is sufficient for personal hygiene needs.  Unless washing hair etc., showers should be no longer than three minutes. Hot water is the major cost of electricity.
  •  Similarly, the washing machine should be usually used on the short cycle with cold water. Unless washing sheets and towels, one washing load per week per student resident should be      sufficient. Do not run a full cycle to wash a few items of clothing. Use the sink in the laundry instead please.
  • No additional heating devices or gas cookers are to be brought to the property. An internal ducted heating system is provided and is the most cost effective heating available.

Visitors and Pets

  • The common room is for the renters in the house and should not be used for extended lengths of time by visitors. Visitors should be friendly and polite to residents as they are impinging on the privacy of the permanent occupiers.
  • Overnight guests are fine for very short stays but as a courtesy, the owners/manager should be advised by a text message. As a consideration to the paying residents, guests must contribute $10.00 per night to the electricity kitty for use of hot water, heating and cooking facilities as well as compensation for intruding on the privacy of the permanent occupiers.
  • Due to the possible sensitivities of current and future Rooms on Reynolds renters, no pets, walking, flying, slithering or swimming, are allowed


  • Early Monday morning is rubbish collection time and bins should be placed on footpath on Sunday evening. The recycling bin (yellow lid) is collected on alternate weeks. This could also be a rostered duty.
  • If food scraps are placed in the striped compost bin by the sink and regularly emptied to the larger green compost container near the clothes line, the kitchen rubbish does not smell!
  • The recycling bin is the  cane basket and the list on the wall outlines what is able to be recycled.