Friendly and Helpful Student Rental Owners – Franz and Sandra

web pic twoFor those who prefer to deal with friendly and helpful private student rental property owners instead of institutional or corporate impersonal landlords, meet the owners of Rooms on Reynolds Student Share House , Franz and Sandra.

Franz and Sandra are caring and concerned property owners who are committed to making the Rooms on Reynolds Student Share house a safe, secure, and happy place for students to live.

Between them, Sandra and Franz have privately owned, renovated, or managed the rental of five properties. Together and separately, with and without children, they have also visited more than 60 countries, which has given them a keen understanding about the cultural differences and needs of international students.

Having raised children who have been international travelers and university students, Franz and Sandra also understand the needs and problems of children studying and living away from home. They know first-hand the kind of challenges and issues that can arise in a shared housing environment, and their children have assisted them in making choices and decisions in the renovation of the Rooms on Reynolds property in order to make it as student-friendly as possible.

Sandra has recently been a student herself, and holds a Masters of International Development degree, along with a Bachelor degree in Education and a Bachelor degree in Social Work. In addition to her lifelong association with universities, Sandra has also previously owned and operated a wholesale flower business. Rooms on Reynolds renters and visitors will see her considerable gardening expertise in the beautiful outdoor living spaces she has designed for their enjoyment.

friendly-helpful-student-rental-owners-not-instutional-corporate-landlords-meet-franz-sandra austria sports carFranz is an Austrian immigrant who presently works for the Australian government. He is a professional photographer by trade and a seasoned international traveler. Some of his favorite photographic memories now artistically decorate the walls of the Rooms on Reynolds rental house. With a diploma in photography and graphic arts and a diploma in aerial photography, Franz also has a long connection to universities, having worked as a geology research photographer at a WA University where he trained students in research field photography.

Because of their personal experience as parents of University Students studying away from home, Franz and Sandra believe they can provide parents reassurance and peace of mind that their children will be in a safe, caring environment while they are living in the Rooms on Reynolds Student Share House. Franz and Sandra are hands-on, approachable, and personable rental property owners, and believe that it is important to give their personal touch to all aspects of the rental experience.

As caring and concerned owners, Franz and Sandra are committed to making Rooms on Reynolds a safe, secure, and happy place for students to live. Both student renters and their parents will be able to contact Sandra and Franz with questions, requests and concerns about their Rooms on Reynolds student accommodation, no matter how long or short the stay is.

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