Student, Parent and International FAQs

Questions & answers about choosing our student share house near UTAS

student parent international faqs questions about choosing-best-rental-housing-accommodation-near-utas lounge tableWhen deciding on a student housing accommodation, both students and parents have many questions about which housing accommodation is the best in terms of bedrooms, amenities, neighborhood, and University convenience. This is particularly true of international students who may be visiting Hobart, Tasmania, and Australia for the first time when they come here to attend UTAS or another Tasmanian university.

The owners of Rooms on Reynolds (Franz & Sandra) have four children who have traveled extensively and attended university, so they understand the questions, needs, and concerns that both parents and students have when choosing the best rental housing accommodations. Some of the specific most frequently asked questions are listed below. After reading them, you can also click here to contact Franz & Sandra directly >>

Question: Do I have to be a student at the University of Tasmania in order to rent a room at the Rooms on Reynolds student share house property?

Answer: As people in the house are wishing for an environment conducive to study, we give preference to academics, students and researchers, especially during study semester times. Because of its close proximity to UTAS, the property is ideal for students who want a short, easy walk to the UTAS campus, and most of the renters are UTAS students.

Question: Will international students have to speak English well in order to feel comfortable sharing Rooms on Reynolds with other house mates?

Question: No – Because the University of Tasmania is such a culturally diverse university with international students from 80 different countries, it can be expected that there will be student renters from a number of different countries living in the Rooms on Reynolds student share house at all times. It is most likely that the Australian residents will be helping their housemates with their English skills in exchange for learning a new language themselves!

Question: Do I have to sign a long-term rental lease contract in order to share the Rooms on Reynolds rental home?

Answer: No – Short-term rental agreements are available for a slightly higher rental rate. Click here for more information about rental rates and terms >>

Question: Do I have to share a room with somebody I don’t know?

Answer: No – If you don’t want to share your bedroom with anyone else, you can have a private room. 

If you like the shared room rental rates and you’d like to share a room with someone you know, both of you need to click here to fill out and submit a separate application form >>

If you’d like to share a room, we prefer you to organise a roommate you are comfortable with yourself. We have connected people to correspond about sharing a room with success.

Question: Is this a co-ed home share property and will I be sharing a room with a member of the opposite sex?

Answer: No and Yes – The Rooms on Reynolds student share house accommodation is co-ed and may have a combination of both male and female renters living there at any time. However, Rooms on Reynolds is not a hostel dormitory and no one will be forced to share a bedroom with anyone, male or female, unless they want to.

Question: Is Rooms on Reynolds gay-friendly?

Answer: Like all other student rental accommodation properties in Tasmania, Rooms on Rental does not discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality. All people are welcome to submit a rental application, and all rental applications will be given fair and equal consideration. Both private and shared bedrooms with either single and double beds are optional for all renters who are accepted and who sign a long-term or short-term rental agreement.

Question: Besides the rental rate, is there an additional cost for utilities like water, electricity, WiFi, trash removal, gardening, home cleaning and maintenance?

Answer: No and Yes – The cost of water, WiFi, trash removal, gardening, home cleaning, and maintenance are all included in your rental rate and there is no additional charge for those. There is an additional fee for electricity, which is split equally among all home share renters. An equally shared electricity fee encourages housemates to help each other remember to conserve energy whenever possible.

Do you have more questions about Rooms on Reynolds, or do you need more information about UTAS, Hobart, or living in Tasmania? The owners, Franz & Sandra, are happy to receive your inquiries. Click here to contact the owners directly by email or phone >>

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